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Don’t judge us…we’re having a moment.

Here we were minding our business and scrolling through our Facebook timeline, when we came across the mugshot of an extremely handsome blue-eyed man that (we’re ashamed to say) had our  heads in our pelvic regions.

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We thought…what did he do? Maybe it wasn’t that bad… Well after some research we found out the hunky criminal’s name, age, former employer and release date (just kidding!). Jeremy Ray Meeks, 30, was arrested with three other men during an Operation Ceasefire sweep in Stockton’s Weston Ranch on Wednesday where four guns were seized. Oh. 

We haven’t seen a mugshot this fly since Porsha beat up Kenya on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion.

Apparently men are a little jealous over our crush and have plenty to say about it on FB. One man wrote, “Well they’re chicks too…I’m not a fan. But for the record, a teardrop tattoo and a mugshot don’t indicate “eligible man.” They should all (male and female) be ashamed of their chickenheadedness.” Dude, chill. It’s just a joke.  Did anyone get hurt? Listen, with some guidance he could totally play Harrison on “Scandal” or an extra in the next “Takers” movie.

Editor’s Note: Please take this post with a light heart, #TeamBeautiful does not condone criminal behavior.

As fine as Jeremy is, he did break the law and that’s not the type of man we’d want to bring home to mom and dad. To all the kiddies out there, guns are bad M’kay…

UPDATE: Jeremy had a chance to speak with an ABC affiliate in California, and while he admires the attention, he really just wants to get out of jail (no surprise there..). Check out the video below:


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