Drake’s Awkward Interview

Oh Drake. Gazes adoringly into his spaced apart eyes.

The “Nothing Was The Same” rapper sat down with “Saturday Night Live” funny girl Vanessa Bayer for some lessons in media training and if you couldn’t guess that is was awkward (by the title of this article) it was rather awkward…in a “SNL” we’re purposely being awkward to make you laugh kinda way.

Some of Bayer’s funnier suggestions were, “So your full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, but we know you as Drake. I’m just wondering if you maybe want to choose a name that’s a little more hip-hop, rap…like Graham Cracka?” and “What about Drake time? Like break time?”

Apparently “SNL” loves Drake as much as we do. Aidy Bryant reminisced with Aidy Bryant on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” about her comedy skit that landed her face-to-face or should we say lip-to-lip with Drake.

“In our Monday pitch meeting, I got into the room and I was like ‘Oh, this is what a man is,'” Bryant explained. Drake responded, “Well, come to my hotel tonight.” Bryant never went, but Drake had ignited a fire in her heart that will probably never die.

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