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Who doesn’t love Black love!? We do and we celebrate it with our “Put A Ring On It” series. Each week, we’ll feature YOUR engagement and wedding stories, romantic photos and even tips that’ll help other Beauties out on their big day.  Check back each week for a new installment!

This week, we speak with Jennifer and Steven about finally meeting at the church they both attended for years, and great lengths Steven took to make sure the proposal was one to remember.


I have been a member of the same church for my entire life, but for some reason, I never noticed any one person in particular. One Sunday, Steven walked up to me in church just to say hello and later that week, I received a friend request on Facebook, but I thought nothing of it. I did remember him speaking at our Youth Revival a couple of years before, but that was about it.

Then, a very strange turn of events happened. I received a message from him about our youth group meetings, but I thought to myself, “there are eight youth leaders, and he seemed to know all of them, so why was he reaching out to me?” The next Sunday, he walked up to me in church and shook my hand. He was very handsome, very muscular, and very charming…almost too charming! I had it in my head that he was a “ladies’ man,” not realizing that I had prayed for a man who was not afraid to compliment me, not afraid to show affection and definitely not afraid to pursue me. That is exactly what he did.

We initially just communicated via social media because, in my mind, he was a little rough around the edges and was not ready for a woman like me. Plus, I already knew this would not go anywhere. It wasn’t too much later that he hit me with the bomb. He said to me, “The Lord told me that you are my wife and I am going to do everything possible to make you the happiest woman alive.”

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You have to understand that my reaction to him was more than laughter. So, I decided to “play” right back. I challenged him that if he wanted me, he was going to have to come after me. That is exactly what he did. I have never in my life seen such a gentle and kind man as Steven is to me. He loves me EXACTLY the way God instructs a man to love his wife.  He listened, he protected and he has always made me feel like a woman imagines she would feel when she is in love.


It was a Sunday, and as usual, we were on our way to church. However, when I get there, my entire family along with his, was visiting. I was surprised, because we were supposed to meet my family after church to celebrate my mother’s birthday, but nothing prepared me for what was happening next. Steven is one of the men at our church who welcomes the visitors, so when he stood up, I was under the impression that was what he was going to do. Instead, he began saying the loveliest things about his love for the special women in his life and how all of them prepared him to love me.

He grabbed a red box from a member and walked over to where we were sitting. He knelt down on one knee, and the church went wild! Everyone’s phones were out, there was screaming and I burst into tears. He asked me in the place where we met, grew together spiritually, and where we got together as a couple. When he asked if I would allow him to love me forever…I said yes!

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