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If you’ve caught “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” at any point last season (or this one) you’re quite familiar with Kirk and Rasheeda’s storyline. You may be one of the people who question if their situation is real or fake, but you can’t deny how engaging they are. Kirk and Rasheeda hit a turbulent patch in their relationship when Kirk cheated on her on national TV then swabbed their son behind her back after he thought she stepped out on him. Whew. Whoever said marriage isn’t easy must have been gazing into their union.

Despite the complexity of their issues, Rasheeda has remained optimistic and she and Kirk are still together. You may be shaking your head, but in a time when people don’t stay together longer than it takes to load a photo on Instagram, we think it’s kinda noble.

We’re smack dab in the middle of Season 3 of “LHHATL” and Kirk and Rasheeda are still trying to make it work even when it seems like Kirk is more interested in Jasmine. Why? Well we caught up with the “Marry Me” rapper and picked her brain on why she decided to stay, if she’s too old to be rapping and just how much she makes as an independent artist.

HelloBeautiful: How are things like now between you and Kirk?

Rasheeda: We are amazing parents. But, it’s work. We have dysfunction, we have issues, we have problems. We have hurdles we’re trying to get past. Has it been easy? No. Have I thought about giving up? Yes. But, at the end of the day, I think that a lot of things happen in life and I know everyone has their opinion on what they think they would do, but when you’re in a situation, it’s a different mindset. When you’re in a marriage for 18 years, it’s a different type of situation. When you have children, it’s a different thing. At the end of the day, I’m doing what Rasheeda’s doing and I don’t give a sh*t about what other people think.

HB: Why did you stay with him after he cheated?

Rasheeda: I know people who would’ve have left and I know people who have been through way, way worse and stayed and have overcome their obstacles. Those are the things you look at and pray about within yourself. The thing is, when you guys see 2 minutes of some things that are going on in a relationship, not the whole aspect, people make mistakes and bad things happen. I make mistakes, he makes mistakes. I feel like sometimes when certain mistakes and things happen, sometimes you have to step back and you have to say, OK, let me reevaluate this situation. That doesn’t always mean divorce. It may mean reevaluate to make a person understand what they have, don’t have. I feel like in my relationship, when I feel like giving it a chance or I feel like letting go.

HB: Do you think that Kirk was creating cheating rumors to get a pass to do what he wanted?

Rasheeda:  To a certain extent I do because he knew damn well there was nothing wrong. That’s why the whole maternity sh*t pissed me off. It wasn’t even the fact that you flexed like you thought I was cheating. It was the fact that he swabbed my baby’s mouth. It’s ignorant when at the end of the day, you’re the one taking steps that you shouldn’t be taking in your relationship.In their mind, they really think some sh*t is cool.

HB: How did it feel to watch his swab your baby?

Rasheeda: I was on fire. Evidently, when he did it, I didn’t know and I had ended up knowing about it later. So, I was super pissed. How you gonna disrespect my baby like that? It wasn’t the fact of him being mad, thinking I was cheating because that shit is a joke. It’s funny for you to even think that. The whole scenario of Carter is what really blew me away.

HB: How do you constantly rebuild yourself when he disrespected you?

Rasheeda: I went through so much and it’s been so much of a process for me as far as my hormones dealing with this baby. So, I just tried staying prayed up and focused. In a marriage, I know there’s gonna be obstacles, I know there’s gonna be ups and downs. I feel like mistakes do happen and people aren’t perfect and I talk to real people who’ve been through real situations, not people on your timeline leaving comments. Everybody who I’ve talked to, the real information they give me is, “you do have to fight, I’ve been through this and it’s not always gonna be good.” If you decide that you can’t take anymore, make your decision, but don’t let anyone else make it for you. I haven’t been a perfect person either. But, will I take some more sh*t? There’s no room for error.

HB: Are you getting back to music?

Rasheeda: I’m almost done with my new album. I’m excited about that. My life is laid out in a lot of music. I feel so good about it. It’s been therapeutic for me, too. The online store, is doing well. My cosmetics line is doing well. I’m getting ready to launch my Spring line. Being a mom is a lot of work. you’ll see a lot of the music side playing out as well, so it’s a lot going on.

HB: How do you feel when people say you should give up on music because you’re too old?

Rasheeda: First of all, don’t worry about what I’m doing. Number two is, the one great thing about music is no one can control your destiny and tell you to stop doing what you love. What people don’t understand is I’ve been a very successful independent artist and people look at other artists and say, she didn’t do this, she didn’t do that. For me, I’ve been able to do a platinum single being independent. I’ve done songs and movies and I own my music. Anytime anything is done, I get a check and I love that. I love being able to be in control and it’s no one else’s decision on what they think.

HB: Do you think people sometimes think you don’t make money?

Rasheeda: They do. But, you know what? This is the same people who question how you do the things you do. But, that’s people who aren’t educated in the business.

HB: What do you think about accusations that your story is fake?

Rasheeda: I think that to each is own. Think what you want to think. At the end of the day, I think, so, you don’t go through problems? You don’t have issues within your family? The same people who say that stuff are the same people who are going through even more shit. If your life is perfect, people aren’t interested in the perfect life and you know why? Because they’re not living it. How could you relate to that?

HB: What were your thoughts on Mimi’s sex tape?

Rasheeda: She claims it was a leak. It doesn’t seem as though it’s a leaked. It looks very professional and clean. I just feel like, as a grown woman and as a mom, this is the decision that you made, you got to live with that. Your daughter has to live with that. Is that something that you really thought about? Let me say this, people my age might not agree with the decisions I make in my life and it’s not my right to judge her. Everyone has their opinions. But, I do feel like something to that level is deep and it could cause a lot of things for a lot of time in your life. It’s not even just her and her daughter. You can go through your phone and that sh*t pop up on your timeline and people think you’re looking at that.

HB: If you were in her situation, what would you have done?

Rasheeda: I wouldn’t be in the sh*t. But, the only thing about the situation to me is if you’re on vacation, you do a tape, your bag gets stolen. A lot of things happen between that happening and this tape being sold. If it was going to be leaked, it was going to be leaked. To me, it was a business decision. I don’t think these baggage dudes are smart enough to say let me take this to Vivid and contact Mimi. That doesn’t make sense. Just keeping it real. I just couldn’t do that because I just don’t want to deal with the fact that it’s happening.

Beauties, would you have left Kirk?


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