4-year-old Jaden Howe became a hero right after he’d been given a bath and dressed, his mother, Juana Snell left the room and passed out. Thankfully, Juana taught Jaden how to call 911 in case of emergency, so he didn’t panic and did just what he was taught. “We’ve practiced. We went over the numbers and how to press the green button. Thank god he remembered,” Juana said.

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Once Jaden spoke with the dispatcher, he told them, “My mommy is passed out and she can’t talk. She’s on the floor. I think she was really sad.” The adorable 4-year-old couldn’t remember his home address, so he followed the dispatcher’s instructions to go to a neighbor’s house. The neighbor provided the address and Jaden went back home to wait for the EMT, by his mother’s side.

As Juana began to come to, she heard her son tell her that she was going to be fine. “He did say that. He said it’s going to be just fine Mommy. I was so happy that I wasn’t alone, that he was here with me and is my little hero. Right?”

“Right!” Jaden exclaimed.

Juana remembers, “The funniest thing is that he was just so calm. Because when I woke up when the paramedics came in he was like a little grown man.”

According to reports, Juana was treated at her home but was diagnosed later with a severe sinus infection.


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