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Don’t be fooled by KeKe Wyatt’s gorgeous face, the “Fall In Love,” singer packs punch and if you’ve spent any of your Wednesday evenings tuned in to “R&B Divas” on TVOne, you already know this. KeKe has bit of a short-temper, but totally makes up for it with talent. The girl can sing and did we mention she has a new EP on iTunes?

“R&B Divas” put KeKe’s personal life on front street, yet the powerhouse vocalist doesn’t regret doing reality TV. She says, “It’s fun, it’s something to do. It let’s you learn how people really are, and who you really are.” And who is KeKe exactly? Some say she’s funny and some people even call her crazy. “If you think I am crazy, that is your opinion, you are entitled to your opinion,” she says.

We caught up with the “R&B” diva, who opened up to us about the highs and lows of being on the popular reality show.  Find out what she had to say in our interview, above.


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