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Shanesha Taylor received good news last week. According to reports, an Arizona Superior Court granted the mother of two visitation rights.

The supervised visits were approved during a pretrial hearing for Taylor’s felony child abuse case. As we reported earlier, the 35-year-old mom and Air Force veteran left her 2-year-old and 6-month-old sons in her car for 45 minutes while attending a job interview. She told authorities she was jobless, homeless and without child care that day.

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The young boys are living with family now and under the supervision of the Division of Child and Family Services. According to attorney Benjamin Taylor, his client has been barred from seeing her kids since the March 20 arrest and she’s excited to see their little faces. “This is a big victory for the defense,” he said. “My client is looking forward to seeing her kids once again.”

“This case is bigger than her,” Taylor added. “Many people can relate to Mrs. Taylor’s circumstances. This sheds light on the poverty many people in this country face.”

Taylor, who was released from jail March 31 on $9,000 bond, has been indicted on two felony counts. She plead not guilty, but if convicted, she faces at least two years probation for each count. “This isn’t over,” Taylor explained. “We still have the felony charges hanging over her head.”

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Her trial is scheduled for Sept. 4.


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