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50 Cent’s Baby’s Mother Spills All

Rapper 50 Cent’s baby’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, just spilled all the tea on her former boyfriend and baby’s father. In case you missed it, 50 Cent’s son posted an emotional status on his Facebook after his famous father missed his graduation. He was extremely hurt and rightly so. Despite the fact that he and 50 had a big falling-out last year, 50 should have been there for his big day.

While 50 claimed he wasn’t invited to see his son walk across the stage and it was all a ploy by Shaniqua to keep him away, Shaniqua says otherwise. The mother-of-two visited V-103 on Friday and Chile, she told it all! From alleged domestic abuse to 50’s abandonment issues, Shaniqua didn’t mince words.

Coincidentally (or not), the video interview was later removed from the site…too bad the Internet moves faster than lawyers.

Peep the deets:

On 50 not attending their son’s graduation:

I didn’t know a parent needs an invitation to a graduation. I think you make time for what you want to make time for. You know your son is in the 12th grade. You know that children, depending on the state, graduate May, June-ish. You’re busy, but that’s why you have assistants. The assistants can call the school and you can fly on your private jet with your big gold chain.


He’s privy to the same information that I’m privy to as a parent. You can call the school or have your assistant call. I’m not being condescending. It was no tickets. It was on the lawn of the school. People that I did invite, they stood on the side to watch the graduation. You could’ve been there. That’s your choice. And being that you said you paid tuition — which he doesn’t — you should’ve had a first class ticket then. You paid tuition, right? But he doesn’t. He pays child support. He doesn’t pay tuition. He promised me, but then he changed his mind. Like, I told him I wanted Marquise to change schools because I felt like the school he was going to was getting a little rough.

Why she and 50 don’t get along…

I think me leaving him, it reinforced all the abandonment issues that he suffered as a child and it’s unfortunate and it’s sad. He never knew his dad. His mom died when he was nine, but he never lived with his mom. His grandmother told me extensively. Like, when I had Marquise, she sat me down and said, ‘He [50] was always here with me.’ So I think it reinforced those abandonment issues and I think that’s why he’s so angry. But I feel like you’re really not angry with me, you’re really angry with his mom. Not me.

And as for the alleged abuse…

I’m a person who doesn’t go out much. I’m very much a homebody so he started seeing my behavior change a little bit because I did meet someone. I was cheating on him after he done cheated on me numerous times. I met somebody. So I started going out and I’m smiling about it. He didn’t find out about it. I think he had a clue, like, ‘Where’s your mom? She’s always home.’ He came home and I wasn’t there. So when I got in, he called me first. But I know how he is so I said, ‘I’m not going to come home until you calm down.’ And when I got home he just lost it. He lost it completely. Just lost it. Even when my daughter walked in the room, he still was hitting me. I hate to sound like a battered woman but it just bothered me. He really lost it and broke down and cried. He’s so scary because he was hitting me in one moment and he’s angry, but the next minute he’s in my lap crying like a baby. So it’s a lot of issues there.

In a recent interview, 50 said this about his relationship with his son, ““Me and my son, we don’t have a relationship anymore. It’s based on his mom. He’s adopted her way of thinking. I don’t have anything negative around the concept of kids.”

Read the full interview, here.

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