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Cartergate Continues

Solange drank too much… The fight was over Rihanna… Jay Z was cheating and Solange defended her sister…

There are so many theories on what caused Solange Knowles to go berserk on her brother-in-law Jay Z after the Met Gala last week and today, we’re further confused by the actions of the Carter/ Knowles family.

Yesterday, we reported that Solange had deleted most of the photos she had on her Instagram page of Beyonce and this morning, Beyonce posted four new photos of her and Solange on her Instagram account. If that wasn’t confusing enough, Jay Z and Solange went jewelry shopping together after the fight. Not to mention, Solo and Bey attended Kelly Rowland’s private wedding in Costa Rica (sans Jay Z). Oh and who can forget that the Carters were spotted over the weekend at the Heat vs. Nets game.

New reports claim that whoever sold the infamous tape scored a $250,000 pay day after shopping the video around for days. Wendy Williams had a really interesting theory on what could have happened. It was also reported that Solange got into an argument with Rachel Roy earlier at the Met Gala and Wendy thinks she could be at the center of this spat.

Watch her explanation, here:

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