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Last night on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Kirk got his paternity results, Mimi finally responded to Stevie’s phone calls and Scrappy proved that he is growing as a man. Catch this recap…

Kirk’s Paternity Test Results

Oh Kirk Frost, how we despise thee. Last week on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” we witnessed Kirk swab his baby behind his wife Rasheeda’s back because he “thought” she cheated on him. After a week of waiting, Kirk received his results and, in case you are the only person in the world who believed that it wasn’t his baby, it came back that baby Karter is indeed his child.

If the situation wasn’t bad enough, Kirk asked a cute young waitress to read the results. Luckily, Benzino was there (Benzino…the voice of reason? What has this society become?) to stop Kirk from involving the random woman in his business. Kirk seemed elated to hear that Karter was officially his son, but quickly reverted to his playboy ways when he complimented the waitress numerous times. According to the super trailer, he eventually brings her in to baby sit Karter. Chile, he ain’t no good!

Erica Dixon’s New man Is Fine…

Last season on “Love & Hip Hop,” Scrappy and Erica Dixon got engaged, then broke up at the reunion special. We were saddened by the course of their relationship because we really, really liked them together, however it didn’t work out and both have moved on.

Scrappy introduced us to his boo Bambi early in the season and last night, Erica introduced us to her model boy toy O’ Shea on a double date with Karlie Redd and Yung Joc. Good Lawd, he was fine (he even wore a hat that said O’Shea Da Model). Karlie’s boo Joc noted, in his confessional, how built O’ Shea was (in a non-homosexual way) and we totally agree. Our envy was short-lived when O’ Shea asked Erica to pay for their date. It’s not that we mind picking up the tab every now and then, but according to Erica, she did it often as O’ Shea was in between jobs. That’s cool, but he had the nerve to have a tab at the bar. Boy bye. You better drink lemon water.

While Erica was courting O’ Shea, Scrappy’s home girl (who also goes by the name Erica) was trying to court Scrappy. She called him over to her home and lit candles to set a sexy ambiance. Well Scrappy (post-rehab) is trying to live life differently and shut down her advances. We were kinda proud. Later in the episode, Scrappy told his mother that Bambi was pregnant. That’s odd because in the prior scene, Bambi had just picked up a pregnancy test and revealed that she was unsure about the pregnancy but had a gut feeling that she was carrying. Wither way, Momma Dee (who normally hates all of Scrappy’s main chicks) was here for it. Yes, she says she took her meds.

Benzino’s New Chick Meets Stevie & Joseline

Stevie J and Joseline hosted a special dinner for Benzino and his new girlfriend, Althea, in their 18,000 sq ft home dubbed the “castle.” Joseline was on guard about Zinos’s new lady, just in case she was trying to use Zino to get to Stevie (and no one is coming for Joseline’s beef cake). Turns out, Althea is actually likeable and has her own money!

Karlie Redd & Jeremih Get Close

We’re just not here for Karlie Redd and her “relationship” with Yung Joc. Does VH1 actually think we believe this? Sigh. Well, they had a “lover’s quarrel” last night after Joc caught Karlie in the studio hugged up with singer Jeremih.

Joc confronted Karlie about the inappropriate recording session and Karlie called him jealous and brought up when Joc had taken shots off of a stripper’s stomach last week.

We’re going to have to agree with Joc on this one. Karlie was out of line and being disrespectful while asking for respect. Where they do that at? Joc ended their argument by leaving her standing there yapping while he sped off. Karlie and Joc won’t last long since it was revealed that he was cheating with his realtor.

Last night’s episode was pretty entertaining. What did you think of the show?

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