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Pregnancy is an exciting time!  With the all the changes and anticipation, it can be hard to maintain your regular life, much less your sex life. Fortunately, your love life doesn’t have to slow down during pregnancy. In fact, sex during pregnancy can bring you and your partner closer together.

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Don’t believe me? That’s ok. I have 10 tips to tell you otherwise!

Here are 10 tips for keeping a healthy sex life when you’re pregnant:

1. Don’t be afraid to have sex if you want to.

For most women, sex is perfectly safe during all trimesters of a normal pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about sex while you are pregnant.

2. Try something new.

Many women experience an increased sex drive as they enter their second trimester, which can be a great time to experiment with different positions or adding a little kink to the mix. Check out this blog post for some great information on safe kink during pregnancy.


3. Make sure you are comfortable.

Your body goes through a lot of changes during your pregnancy. Positions or touching that you enjoyed before may suddenly cause irritation or discomfort while you are pregnant. Be sure to talk to your partner about anything that feels uncomfortable, so you and your partner enjoy your time in the bedroom.

4. Be intimate.

If sex doesn’t feel good, there are lots of other ways you can still remain intimate with your partner. Kissing, cuddling, sensual massages or hugging brings you and your partner closer together and can help fulfill your sexual desires even if you don’t feel like having intercourse. Receiving oral sex can offer release without the discomfort from penetration and often due to the increase in sensitivity can feel more pleasurable than before.

5. Find the best positions.

Know which sex positions work best for the different stages of your pregnancy. Missionary and other positions where you are lying on your back can be uncomfortable as your pregnancy progresses, and can even be unsafe after the fourth month of pregnancy, because they put pressure on major blood vessels. Avoid putting weight and pressure on your abdomen by using positions like woman on top, spooning, or side by side. Experiment and find what works best for you and your partner. This doesn’t have to be a chore, it really can be exciting! Consider using this as a chance to have adventurous sex on a different piece of furniture or in a new room of your house.

6. Communicate.

Make sure you and your partner talk openly about both of your needs and concerns, so you can find time for intimacy and romance throughout your pregnancy. This will keep your relationship strong and help ensure that you and your partner are getting the support you both need.

7. Be safe.

Not having to worry about contraception can be liberating. However, if your partner has sexually transmitted infections or diseases (or if you are unsure if your partner is infected), it is a good idea to use a condom or abstain from sex to avoid infecting yourself or your baby.

8. Find ways to feel sexy.

Take pride in your new curves! Consider showing them off with maternity lingerie or treat yourself to a new hairstyle or spa day.

9. Expect changes.

Your sex drive may fluctuate, your erogenous areas will become more sensitive and your breasts might leak, but these are all completely normal during pregnancy. Educate yourself and your partner on what changes you can expect to avoid any surprise.

10. Ask your Doctor.

If you have any concerns about sex and your pregnancy, speak with your doctor. Talking through your concerns with a medical professional will help give you and your partner peace of mind.

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