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CLOSE’s “Base Level” column features the hottest new artists we’re buzzing about. Before they make it to the summit of superstardom, we spot them at base level–the beginning of their hopeful journey to the top.

It’s XO!

Jaz, JLa and Vii are the sultry chicks who make up Sincerely XO, a funky and fresh girl group reminiscent of TLC and The Spice Girls (which makes sense because they totally love The Spice Girls). With a lack of girl groups in the industry, Sincerely XO is refreshing.

Behind the mic, the fierce trio have a confidence that demands your attention. Maybe it’s their flirty style, adorable faces or killer fashion, either way Sincerely XO are freakin’ awesome.

We caught up with the buzzing beauties on our “Base Level” photo shoot and got the basics on their start and where they’re headed. Peep the deets on XO, below:

When did you all get together? About four years ago when we were under another name and then two years later, we switched and now we’re Sincerely XO.

How’d you guys come up with the name Sincerely XO? Before we were made up and fabricated, we were characters and now we promise to give our fans the real us and, so it’s like Sincerely, from us to you, the fans.

What would you define as your biggest break thus far? Yesterday, we had our first show. It was amazing. It was such great energy from the crowd. We had a lot of great positive feedback and they were digging us.

How would you describe your bandmate?

Jaz: I would describe JLa as laidback, but at the same time, she’s very detailed in what she does and how she looks at things. She has a very good eye for things. It’s certain things you don’t pay attention to. As much as we hate to agree with her sometimes, she’s sometimes right and she’s also the quirky one and she’ll go a little too far and we’re like, “no” (laughs). She’s also the hardest to dress.

JLa: Vii, I would describe her as being very free-spirit. She’s kind of reserved, but she still loves to have fun. She’ll be the quiet one in the room, but then you have to look at her eyes. You have to pay attention to Vii because she’s a little sneaker over there.

Vii: I would describe Jaz as the firecracker out of the group. She’s very bold and not afraid to speak her mind. She’ll be my voice if I’m afraid to tell y’all something. She’s the very outspoken. If you’re down, she’ll be the one to make you laugh and forget about other things. She puts you in a good place when you’re around her.

How do you describe your style? We try to wear what we want to wear. Shout out to our stylist, Demi Dorsey. He lets us explore and his imagination is just as wild as ours and we just put on things. We just really have to put on stuff and try stuff on because if we think too much about it, it’ll never get done.

Listen to their song “U Like It”:

Check out these pics from their “Base Level” shoot:

Base Level: Sincerely XO
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