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It’s no secret that Jada Pinkett-Smith loves a great hairstyle. She’s had mohawks, asymmetrical bobs and most recently she shaved one side of her enviable crown. She’s always had an “I am not my hair” mentality that I personally adore and partially live by myself. So when I spotted a video that Jada posted on her Facebook page that showcased her new blonde pixie cut I was less than surprised…and kinda elated.

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I’ll go on record as starting the rumor that I kinda think this is a wig! In the video something about it is off and it’s just sort of sitting on the top of her head. But I remember when Willow cut her hair back in 2012. The world simultaneously gasped at the thought of Jada letting her young daughter shave her hair. Jada could have cared less what we thought and I am sure the same could be said now.

In other less vain news, Jada recently started shooting a documentary about human trafficking with CNN. She’ll be interviewing survivors and convicted traffickers in jail and sharing her daily experiencing on her Facebook page and on the site, Don’t Sell Bodies. It’s pretty interesting to hear Jada speak, I wish she’d write a book already!

So…are you loving Jada’s new do?


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