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No matter how superficial it may sound let’s just admit it. One of the beauty hurdles we obsess over is trying to find that perfect haircut that make us look – and feel – marvelous! And really, hair makes such a big difference to transform your look, so why wouldn’t you want to get it right? Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help us when we have no idea where to look…and get this – it all boils down to our face shape.

Here are some of my favorite hair cuts to flatter five common face shapes and why they work.


You have an oval face if the length of your face is greater than the width of your face.

Celebrity inspiration: Beyonce

The key with an oval face type is that your haircut can really change the shape of your face—and lucky for you, oval faces can really play with all types of haircuts from short to long depending on your hair texture. Add a fringe on an oval face and your face will become more square looking, while a mid-length cut with some layers adapted to your hair texture will create movement.


You have a square face if the width and length of your face is very similar and you have a broad jaw line and forehead.

Celebrity inspiration: Nia Long

If your face is square, you can go with harder lines in your cut, such as a shorter bob. From cutting a fringe to accenting the jaw line or going with longer hair with shorter layers to add texture and soften the face shape—all of this is do-able with your face shape. One thing you may want to avoid? Slashing off too much length. Very short hair can look very hard on a face shape like this.


Your face is round if the width and length of your face is quite similar, but there’s a circular feeling to the overall shape of your face.

Celebrity inspiration: Jennifer Hudson

Short hair is for you! But if short hair is not your thing, keep it longer at all one length and or mid-length. Stick to more classic cuts that are mid-length or long, if you’re not going very short. Bobs can make the face look rounder and often are not flattering with round faces.


Your face is heart-shaped if your cheekbones and forehead are wider than your forehead and you have a delicate chin.

Celebrity inspiration: Ciara

If you have a heart shape face, you’re a candidate for a straight across fringe. A heart-shape face is close to an oval and have versatility when it comes to the styles you can pull off. Another look that you can rock? A shorter disconnected bob.


You have a long face if your face is longer than it is broad – often quite narrow in width, and with high cheekbones.

Celebrity inspiration: Alicia Keys

With a long face, longer hair works best, with some shorter layers cut in to add shape and framing to the face. Bangs can also help in making your face appear shorter—the idea being that adding width will create the perception of less vertical length to your face.

So are you ready for your next great style! Leave us a comment and let me what you’re thinking!


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