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The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater® has always been known for its vibrant fusion of dance styles. The company returns with programs that include some of its newest works as well as classics like Revelations.  If you’re looking for something special to do for mom for Mother’s Day — or just because — check out five reasons she’ll love this production, then enter to win two tickets to share the experience!


1. She’ll love Revelations!

Alvin Ailey’s signature piece Revelations has never left an audience disappointed. This riveting masterpiece is set to negro-spirituals, church hymns, and gospel songs and celebrates the resilience of the human spirit while chronicling some of the most painful moments in the African-American experience. Your mother may laugh, cry and clap along to the audience favorite that has captivated audiences since 1960.

2. It’s the perfect opportunity for her to dress in style.

Is there a better occasion to get dressed up in your best attire than a night out to the theater? In an age where almost no one gets “fancy” anymore–a trip to see Alvin Ailey begets just that. Your mother will love being decked out in her finest things while taking in the beautiful costuming and ambiance of the magnificent theater.

3. Alvin Ailey has a grace and athleticism that is unmatched around the world.

Seeing Alvin Ailey is a spiritual, mental, emotional and sensory experience that is unparalleled. The Ailey dancers possess an athleticism that literally drops jaws and prompts the question, “how did they do that?” You’ll see dancers jump higher and turn faster than you’ve ever seen before. Alvin Ailey dancers are better trained than Olympic athletes but their grace and gift of movement makes it look completely effortless. It is indeed magical.

4. She’ll be so excited to brag to her friends about how amazing the show was.

After Mother’s Day when it’s time for the moms to get together and compare gifts, your mom will win hands down! You can hear it now, “my baby took me to see Alvin Ailey and they were phenomenal! It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” Yes, that’s right, you’re definitely winning best daughter/son of the neighborhood association.

 5. It’s an experience she’ll never forget you shared together.

Seeing Alvin Ailey perform is an experience you never forget.  Beyond being inspired, amazed, entertained and impressed, your mom will never forget that she sat beside you while she took in something to spectacular. Memories are made when something truly remarkable is shared and the Ailey experience is one of the most paramount cultural events of our time. Alvin Ailey is a national treasure that you and your mom can discover together. You’ll never forget what you found!


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