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Want to be inspired today? Check out this story of a few Black teens who grew weary of constantly seeing negative stereotypes around young Black men, so instead of piling on to a mountain of complaints, they did something about it. Students from Illinois’ Central High School put together “Suit & Tie in the 217” to disprove the perpetuated myth that young Black men are dangerous or degenerate.

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Roland Martin spoke with high school student, Hayden Hinton and counselor, Tiffany Gholson about the video’s powerful and message and Gholson said, “The negative stories told daily in the media and in our culture about our young African-American men tend to ignore their successes and don’t tell the full story about how young Black men are becoming leaders within our community schools,” she continues, “In this video, our students reclaim the narrative of who they are and inspire other students to follow in their footsteps.”

What’s beautiful about this video are the young men–all dressed up, proving that they’re more than a hoodie and sneakers. They are more than their circumstances and just like anyone else in the world, they deserve a chance to live without fear of being seen as a threat and subsequently shot dead.

In the video, the credits roll and explain everything this project was about:

“The students used int this video are successful student scholars, athletes and representatives of our schools. They are National Honor Society members, Honor Roll members, future collegiate athletes and future college students at several Big Ten Universities. They are also Eagle Scouts, military personnel and poets. They are they class of 2014 and 2015.”

What do you beauties think about this video?

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