Nicki Minaj Name Drops Malcolm X’s Daughter

Nicki Minaj is back on her hip-hop ish.

The Barb added her cosign to the Chicago-rap movement by enlisting rising rapper Lil Herb on her new single “Chi-Raq” and if you haven’t guessed it, it’s very umm… hood.

Nicki drops some serious bars on the single and even name drops Malcolm X’s daughter on the gritty track, reigniting controversy surrounding the cover art for her single “Lookin A** N*gga.”

The Young Money Barb faced scrutiny after dropping the cover art to accompany her song, using an iconic photo of Malcolm X holding a rifle while looking out the window, with the title of the song “Lookin A** N*gga” above the image.

Malcolm’s family called Nicki out for juxtaposing the leader’s face against the ratchet song title” and Nicki makes it known that she’s heard them.

“Situations like the recent portrayal of our father on the album cover for Ms. Minaj’s new single only highlight the fact that we as a society need to take more responsibility for what we’re teaching our children,” X’s daughter said. Nicki responded on the track saying, “Malcolm X’s daughter came at me / Lookin ass ni**as ain’t happy/rolled out with some Latin Kings and some eses in them plain khaki’s.”

If you’re looking for more new music from Nick, she posted this message: “I always got a trick up my sleeve… I might give you a new trick every week ‘til this album drops… I don’t know, I figured they wanted more.”

Listen to NSFW track, below:

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