Kim Kardashian Wants The Cover Of Sports Illustrated?

So… apparently Kim Kardashian secretly wants to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s coveted Swimsuit Issue in her itty bitty bikini and we’re like well duh! If ever there was a cover more befitting of Kim K’s bodacious bod, it would be Sports Illustrated. Afterall, it’s not like you have to be an athlete to cover the athletic glossy. Hence Beyonce…

According to VH1, Kimmy and her cakes are lobbying for the cover of SI on her Instagram account and we think she could totally get it *pun intended*

Since her Vogue cover with Kanye West is on target to sell 300-400K, it isn’t so far-fetched. In case you don’t follow Kimmy on IG, check out the Instavid that has everyone going nuts:

Whatever Kim has planned, it’s “coming soon,” at least that’s what the caption says.

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