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Welp, can’t say we didn’t see this coming!

Kandi and Todd finally walked down the aisle, this weekend, against Mama Joyce’s vehement wishes and if you haven’t guessed it, she’s pretty upset about it all. One would think after last night’s episode, when Mama Joyce had a front row seat to Kandi’s play “A Mother’s Love” and a breakthrough convo with Todd that she would have a change of heart about their relationship. Sadly, you are mistaken. During a post-wedding interview, Mam Joyce threw major shade at the nuptials.

“I had no reason to bite my tongue. I’m not gonna be the one to stop her from jumping into the fire. I tried, I did all that ahead of time. Too late for me to pull out of it then, not gonna make a fool outta myself!” she told Too Fab. Then Mama Joyce went as far as calling Todd a “shark.”

“Long as she’s happy, that’s the one that has to be happy. Doesn’t make no difference if I’m happy or not, she’s the one that has to live with him. I did everything I could do. If she’s jumping in the river with sharks, she’s gonna get chewed up. It’s not about me, whether I’m right or wrong. People show you their best when you’re dating them, so if she’s seeing the best now, the worst is yet to come.” And if that wasn’t shady boots enough, Mama Joyce let us in on a little pre-marital secret. “I got a little pissed at the bridegroom the night before this wedding. He kind of held up on signing the prenup and didn’t come to the rehearsal dinner because he didn’t want to sign it. His mom said she didn’t see no reason for him to have to sign because they were in love. He was the one who didn’t have a damn thing, but that’s another story. But from what I understand, he did sign.

Despite Mama Joyce’s hatred, we think Kandi and Todd make a very good couple and we wish them well!

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