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The ladies of Atlanta taught us about being a team player this week with Porsha in the studio still trying to make this “career” happen while failing on being present for Kandi’s play, Nene debuting a clothing line, Kandi and Mama Joyce start mending fences, Kenya loses her partner in crime, and Peter still learning to finesse the art of being an entrepreneur and a husband – things are active in Georgia as the season starts to wind down.

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Porsha was given a chance to show that she actually has some talent outside of putting that donkey in a dress and throwing a curl in her weave yet she is only continuing to prove that Kandi should not have taken the leap by giving her a role in this chitlin’ circuit play. Porsha didn’t wake up in new Bugatti she woke up in a studio screaming like a dead alley cat. I’m not sure if it s her new acting gig that has her thinking singing is the lane she should be in. but I really wish she had someone to assure her that this was not the way. It will be awesome when producers can stop encouraging mediocrity and giving shower singing starlets actual albums. Meanwhile Kandi had to pull Porsha’s card about her not being in rehearsal and Ms. Stewart had the audacity to tell Kandi her team needed to get it together. With a hearty “No Bitch, you need to check your team” Kandi shut her down – HER TEAM?! Porsha and Lauren are not a team. They are a pair of fools living at their mother’s houses sharing a Framily phone bill. Show up for practice Porsha or move aside.

After “The New Normal” being cancelled and I’m assuming her Trump checks slowing down, Nene headed to LA to meet with her manager about some new opportunities. What I found particularly interesting was her aversion to his advice on bettering her “craft” and reading the scripts he sent her. Why is Linnethia so convinced that her acting chops are something to be compared to Cicely Tyson’s? She does know she’s a former stripper turned reality TV star who booked in some recurring roles, right? Girl, you aren’t even a talent show winner quit acting high and mighty. Her next jump is to designer and I cannot say I’m looking forward it. Why is the next step always a clothing line for simple stars? As if their strip mall boutique wardrobe is trend setting, we’ll see how this HSN sale goes. I’m sure all the buyers will be people who live for poly blend one shoulder shirts and that’s definitely not me.

Once again Peter Thomas is treading the murky waters of Lake Broke and his wife is finding out about their finances through a blog. Peter and Cynthia are consistently having issues with secrets because Peter doesn’t keep things transparent in their marriage. I haven’t the slightest clue why he struggles so much with telling his partner was is happening in their household. There’s something to be said about entrepreneurs and that’s that they hustle hard, but it should also be noted that your hustler spirit shouldn’t become a deceiving spirit that causes riffs in your marriage. When your wife tells you she finds it hard to believe the things you tell her about your ability to care for your investments it’d be safe to say you have a problem on your hands. I do hope for Cynthia’s sake that she has some money set aside for when Peter can’t have his Jamaican hands tending to thirteen jobs any longer, it would be wise.

Kenya loses her dog and her mind. Perhaps it’s because I have never had a pet so I can’t exactly sympathize with her loss but I do think I have a right to say Velvet probably felt a lot of pressure. That poor little dog may have been trying to run away from her mama’s craziness! Kenya wants to be a mother so badly that I think the loss of Velvet will be far more detrimental to her than it would be to someone else. This poor lady looked like she was going to end it all as she sat in that bed big enough for 7. I really hope that she can find a good man and get herself together so one day she can be a mother for real. Rest in peace to little Velveteen.

Kandi finally decided to put on her big girl britches and hired a family counselor to chat with her loonie mother, since at 37 years old she is still battling issues with her mother over who she dates. Enough of the tears Kandice, stop letting your mother keep you from being happy. At this point in your life this is your decision not something that is just happening to you. Mama Joyce finally admitted to not ever giving Todd a chance because she made some assumptions about him. It was good to see Mama Joyce check out the play rehearsal and have a conversation with Todd about the situation their relationship or the lack there of. What I truly respect is that Todd tries to reach out to Kandi’s mother and explains himself because he respects her so much. If that doesn’t convince Joyce that Todd is about Kandi, I don’t know what will.

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