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Phylicia Rashad is not a fan of sitcoms today and she had no problem sharing her true feelings during a recent interview with the HuffPost Live.

While promoting her new film Frankie & Alice, the veteran “The Cosby Show” actress said there is “no comparison” when it comes to comedy and cohesive writing.

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“I’m sorry, there just isn’t,” she said. “…the difference between Mr. Cosby’s humor and what you see a lot today? Think about that. It appealed to the intellect.”

What caused the differences? “We had a team of writers who were paying attention,” she explained. “This is something else that’s different in television today. I just recently was on another television show and I wondered if the writers were ever in the same room together. Yeah, because they work differently today. But back then, the writers were in the same room all the time, and they’re paying attention and they’re growing and they’re moving together.”

“Today, it’s a little bit different,” she concluded.

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Check out her full interview, facial expressions and all, below.

Frankie & Alice, which stars Halle Berry as a woman suffering from dissociative identity disorder, is in theaters now.


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