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When I first started talking to Ylorie over the phone, I thought she was very easy to talk to and she knew a lot for a girl from Indiana. LOL. When we reconnected, I felt like I was having dinner with my best friend. It was great. Aside from our first date where she ate a lot, I would say one of our first “second time around dates” happened during a blizzard. Lorie insisted we celebrate my birthday. We ended up having to walk back to my place after dinner because by the time we left the restaurant, the trains were no longer running due to the weather/snow. Snow was smacking us in the face the entire trek back and it was freezing. We never made it to my place, instead we checked into a local hotel. It was a great night!


Just before I proposed, I couldn’t believe that the lights were out. I was thinking, what am I going to do? What kind of luck is this? How did the lights go out on the entire island? But, I knew all along that I was marrying the right person because, although I was stressed, Ylorie was calm and ready to roll with whatever, even in the dark. When I popped the question, Ylorie was a deer in headlights the entire time. I even had to pop the question again. But, I was glad she said yes.



As an added bonus, just after their proposal in Barbados, Bryan and Ylorie found out they were pregnant!


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