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Who doesn’t love Black love?! We do and we have our “Put A Ring On It” series to prove it. Each week, we’ll feature YOUR engagement and wedding stories, articles on love, romantic photos and even a few tips that’ll help you on your Big Day. Check back each week for a new installment of “Put A Ring On It”!

This week, we spoke with Leslie Robinson about how she and her fiancé Jordan met, when they started dating and her reaction when he proposed! 


Jordan and I met at his friend’s barbecue. I was invited by a friend of mine and when we got there, he was sitting there hanging out. He wasn’t even gonna come that day, but decided that he would. It was fate. I noticed Jordan and everyone at the party was gathered around a table having conversations about TV. Little by little, people kept falling out of the conversation, but Jordan and I continued to talk across the table. I said, “Instead of talking across everyone, I’m gonna sit next to you” and he said, “oh, please do.” We seriously ended up talking, probably for the next 5 hours.

He’s Jewish and white, so we talked about the differences in religion. We talked about what it was like to grow up in California, go to high school in California. By the end of that conversation, we exchanged every contact we had and started G-chatting maybe the next week.

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Jordan invited me out with a group of some other friends he had. Before going on that group date, I said, “I still don’t know if he likes me, I don’t know what this is.” That was in the summer of 2012. Our first official date wasn’t until October of that year. We kind of just didn’t know where it was going and then, we met for coffee. That’s when I realized, “ok, I think he is interested in me.”

I can’t recall us having a conversation on marriage. But, we did talk about relationships and just our expectations, what we wanted. I think the one thing people ask, “How did you know that person was the one?” and it’s interesting how someone will tell you, “you just know.” It was like that. It was just very easy.

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