Apollo Is Selling His Autograph & We’re Like Nah…

apollo nida

Ugh. When will this Kenya, Apollo situation be over?

Kenya Moore admitted to setting up Apollo on the last episode of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” so she could get some sort of apology for dragging her name through the mud during that whole cheating incident (that never actually happened).

“I did have an ulterior motive in hanging out with them and that was to get the truth out of Apollo,” Kenya wrote in her blog. “You catch a rat with peanut butter not salt. Once they were relaxed, it was my moment. I wanted an admission of guilt, an apology, and a resolution from Apollo and I succeeded.”

Kenya went on to say she’s finally gotten the moment of truth she’s been seeking.

“As a result of me being non-threatening, Apollo admitted that he felt he could have slept with me yet I never offered him sex (“I can say how I feel you don’t have to offer.”)”

Well good. Now we can focus on something else.

In related Apollo, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” news Apollo may be in big legal trouble but it hasn’t stopped the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” husband from hawking and autographed copy of he and Phaedra’s  DVD on Instagram.

“Phinebody autographed card signed by myself, $6.99 @,” he wrote. And in case you need an (autographed) shirt to work out in he’s also selling tops. Yayyy!

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