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This morning I wondered if I had an addiction to Instagram. It was confirmed when I saw an email for a soon-to-be app that would turn your beautiful imagery into nail decals. Am I the only person who thinks this is genius?

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Imagine if you could rock that beautiful sunset you captured last night, or your favorite skyline overlooking Manhattan, or even your high school mascot…on your nails. Well, thanks to Nail Snaps this could be a thing!

The new app, which allows users to create their own nail decal designs from their Instagram photos, is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for their debut. Check out how it works:

It looks like they are about halfway to their goal of $45,000 and I just gave them a dollar (don’t judge me I am on a budget). This could be really interesting for other company’s that design nail decals. In theory, I could duplicate a design from, let’s say, Sally Hansen…a smell a problem already. But I am still excited and I hope that my dollar meant something.

What are you thoughts? Silly or amazing?!


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