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Michelle Obama has a new focus for her anti-childhood obesity campaign and it involves pulling out your apron and cookbook!

During a recent speech at a health summit in Washington D.C., the First Lady encouraged more American families to cook meals at home because they are healthier. Along with saving money, Mrs. Obama said meals prepared in our own kitchens have less fat, sodium, cholesterol and calories. And for busy mom and dads-on-the-go, she said their are endless 30-minutes dishes that are actually cheaper than takeout.

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“Now, I know this might not seem like an earth-shattering notion — though neither was planting a garden in the White House, I will remind you,” she said to laughter, according to the White House transcript. “But research clearly shows that home-cooking is one of the single most impactful ways for families to improve their health.”

“The question is: How do we help families start cooking again, even if it’s just one or two meals a week?” she asked the audience of public health professionals, nutritionists and corporate leaders. During her remarks, the First Lady suggested working with supermarkets to distribute recipes and offer cooking demonstrations. She added that schools should develop the “home economics class of the future” to teach students basic cooking skills.

“We cannot walk away from this issue until obesity rates drop for children of every age and every background,” she concluded, promoting her Let’s Move initiative. “We cannot walk away until every child in this country has a shot at a healthy life. And that’s why I’m in this thing for the long haul, and I mean long after I leave the White House, because I believe in finishing what I start.”


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