Lady Gaga has run out of shocktactic stunts to pull so she’s resorted to wearing blonde dreads and being vomited on. Then again, what else is there left to do after wearing a meat dress, arriving to the red carpet in an egg, donning shoes with dildo heels and performing headless? Her point exactly.

This week at SXSW, while the dust was still settling from the drunken driver who plowed into a crowd and killed two people, Gaga garnered everyone’s attention with a repulsive performance that involved her getting thrown up on. Gaga hired a professional “vomit painter” who makes a living swallowing liquids then vomiting them onto a canvas. Can we shank whoever told Gaga about said “vomit painter”? Seriously.

After washing off the lime green goo, Gaga took her big white boots to Jimmy Kimmel and we don’t really care to talk about it. Here we were thinking she was going to go the Nicki Minaj route and go from cooky to regular.

Gaga’s star is fading and while we appreciate her for her eclectic contributions to music, Sweetie, it’s time to stick to the music and leave the dildo shoes in the past. We didn’t think she would take this toilet seat joke that far…

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