Paula Patton Cozies Up To A New Boo? 

2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Backstage And Audience

Robin Thicke’s (almost) ex-wife Paula Patton may be moving on from Robin quicker than we think.

The beautiful actress was spotted getting comfy with “Mission: Impossible” former co-star Jeremy Reener a few days before the Academy Awards, at the Independent Spirit Awards. According to reports, Paula couldn’t stop smiling when Jeremy was around.

In a super sexy yellow minidress, Patton cozied up to Jeremy Renner backstage at the Independent Spirit Awards, and he couldn’t stop smiling, especially when he placed his hand on her bare leg while they sat together.

Just last week, Paula and Robin confirmed their separationso this comes as a surprise. It may be a little too early to call them a couple, and we know Robin is not trying to go down without a fight. So, we’ll see how this unfolds.

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