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After last week’s lingerie brawl, last night the ladies showed us once again that maturity doesn’t always come with age.

The housewives have no shortage of events, and this week brought another evening that they just couldn’t  get through without a side of drama.  Kenya decided to host a masquerade ball in honor of her fellow Georgia peach, Nene, except said honoree was not aware. And if that wasn’t enough, Kandi is once again having to deal with her mother’s antics. Needless to say, the kids were not all right.

Since the blow up over what happened at Nene’s pillow talk soiree, Kenya and Nene haven’t been on speaking terms so isn’t it a shocker that Kenya decides to hold a ball in Nene’s honor? Not only that but she added an auction element to raise money for a charity she works closely with? How classy.

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Kenya chose to hold this lavish affair and it was very reminiscent of a fashion show with no fashions. With the desire to hold an auction of bachelors she enlisted the services of Cynthia and her new BFF Marlo to secure some cuties for the evening. A grand total of six barely attractive suitors showed up to her initial audition. If this is the type of production work Kenya is doing I’m wondering how to her company manages to remain afloat.

After the audition fail Kenya charged Marlo with finding some men and based on what was being sold at the party – Marlo also failed. With the less than stellar gents combined with lack of support Kenya got from the girls at her event and that lackluster crowd, I wasn’t sure it could get worse. I was wrong. Worse came in the form of the speech Nene gave when Kenya asked her to address the crowd.

We all know how messy Kenya and Nene can both be and this situation just shined a light on how immature each of them are too. Kenya was out of line by hosting a charity event for an organization that Nene is involved with, and not properly inform her about it. Nene, however, was just a guilty by showing up fully dressed in her shimmer separates with an attitude.

If you know that your spirit is grieved about something, do everyone a favor and keep your distance. Allowing Cynthia to convince her to show up to the party where she had no desire to be, only set the scene for the ugliness that occurred. Her three second speech about “friends she didn’t know she had” was so out of line and irrelevant she would have been better off pulling a Jay-Z and Beyonce and allowing someone else to receive the honor on her behalf. I mean, hello, hasn’t she ever seen the way award shows go when someone “couldn’t be there” i.e had better things to do? For a person who has deemed themselves far more important than the other ladies she sure does give a lot of energy to situations with them, where it could be saved.

Nene isn’t alone in giving too much of herself to situations that need to die;  her dear friend Kandi is guilty of the same. Once again Mama Joyce has reared her ugly head to give her two cents (that’s gotta be filling up the piggy bank at this point) about Kandi and Todd’s relationship, only this time Todd may have truly reached his breaking point. Kandi’s assistant and best friend, Carmon, reported another insane incident involving Mama Joyce, to Kandi, only Kandi still tried to find a way to justify her mother’s actions.

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Seriously, I’m concerned for Kandi. The burden she feels from having a mom who can’t stand her man has got to be heavy. We all only get one mother and for the most part we each hold that woman in the highest esteem but I think we can agree that there comes a time when you have understand it is okay to make decisions without her consent. Evilene Mama Joyce went so far as to attempt to set Todd up as a way to disband he and Kandi’s relationship. At what point does Kandi realize Mama or not, she has gone too far? Kandi is about to lose a good man and a great friend all because her jealous, overbearing, nosy mother  I hope she can learn that asking your mother to respect your life, your choices, and your relationship doesn’t equate to disrespect, it means you’re being a grown up.

These women fighting over friends, holding grudges, and showing up places only to show out has got to come to an end. It is time for some growing up to happen because this bickering and backstabbing is very reminiscent of a Sweet Valley High episode, and honestly I’m sure it’s been a while since any of them was on a school yard. Play nice girls, class dismissed.

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