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George Zimmerman has hopefully met his match in rapper DMX. The “Who We Be” rapper has accepted the “celebrity boxing match” against the self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman and has agreed to participate in the fight with Zimmerman.

*UPDATE* “The boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX is not officially confirmed. DMX has promised to “beat his ass”, but no contract or paperwork has been signed or agreed to yet. DMX will release an official statement if and when an agreement is made.” ~Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services)

CNN is reporting that the fight will happen next week and I’ve got my popcorn ready. DMX told TMZ that he’s ready to “beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.” X gonna give it to him! And I’m here for this violent exchange. Maybe Zimmerman’s conscious is eating him alive and he wants to somehow pay for what he’s done?

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Zimmerman told RadarOnline that boxing has always been a hobby for him, even before “the incident.” Yes, George Zimmerman can indeed exceed our expectations of him being an awful human being, as he is calling his fatal shooting of unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, an “incident.”

“Prior to the incident, I was actually going to the gym for weight loss and doing boxing-type training for weight loss,” Zimmerman said. A friend of Zimmerman’s put him in touch with the owner of Celebrity Boxing, Damon Feldman, and gave him a chance and the “motivation” to get back in shape, lose weight and give back via charity at the same time. Feldman quickly wanted to capitalize on this opportunity and created a pay-per-view boxing match and started accepting offers for those who wanted to step to Zimmerman.

Those offers came pouring in, including one from pro-wrestler, Chyna, The Game and DMX and within an hour, Feldman had 8,000 offers to step into the ring with Zimmerman  Zimmerman even opened up his murdering mouth and claimed that he wanted to fight Kanye because he attacks “defenseless people.” You’ve got to be kidding me!

Rev Al. Sharpton released the following statement about this tragically ill-concieved spectacle:

“We must be very careful not to glorify or in any way sidestep the implications of making someone whose only claim to fame was killing an unarmed young man named Trayvon Martin into a cultural celebrity or hero. He has the right to pursue whatever he wants in life, yet we also have the obligation to be discerning about who we lift and to what level. It is perfectly legal for him to exploit his fame but we should never forget what he is famous for and not behave like he is a celebrity based on gifts or talent or contributions to society. I am concerned about the precedent that it sets.”

— Reverend Al Sharpton re: DMX vs. George Zimmerman Boxing Event

Well said Rev. Well said.

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