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It’s too bad we don’t believe in fairy tales any more. As children, the movies taught us to believe that in romance there was magic, we could have love at first sight, and there was such a thing as relationships that were called to be by destiny. The movies taught us to believe in such a thing as happily ever after.

And then life happens. Terrible and painful experiences with romance cause us to forfeit our childhood fantasies. Ruined by the boy who never committed, the one that got away and the so-called “man” that always cheated, somewhere along the way we decide to throw in the towel and give up on our hope for a fairy tale love.   In fact, many of us are mad at ourselves for being fooled into accepting such childish thinking in the first place.

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But fairy tales do exist. In fact, every love story has the potential for a fairy tale ending. This can be hard for us to recognize because, somehow, all we manage to extract from hours of listening to childhood stories is the love and magical pixie dust. We forget that real fairy tales also come complete with witches, dragons and spouses that turn into monsters at night.

Complete fairy tales do not just have frogs that are princes; they are also filled with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, outrageous adventures and special assignments that cause heroes and heroines to journey after the impossible. There are moments of love and passion but they are coupled with seasons of sacrifice and hardship. There’s joy and pain, sunshine and rain. The two are inextricably tied; you can’t have one without the other.

So believe in your fairy tale relationship, just don’t forget to open your eyes to the rest of the story.  There will be battles. There will be work. There will be times when you think you cannot win. Your extraordinary quest with your lover or spouse may not always be easy but, if you are fighting through it together, there is always the potential for a happy ending after all.

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