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Enjoy your youth, go wild, and get it out of your system.  Here are the 30 things you should do before you turn 30 from the folks at sheknows.com

1. Try an extreme sport

2. Date a bad boy

This might seem more like bad advice than good advice but trust us, dating a bad boy is something every girl needs to get out of her system. Plus, it definitely puts things into perspective and lets you appreciate when a good one comes along so much more.

3. Open a retirement account

The sooner you start saving, the more interest compounds so book an appointment with a financial adviser ASAP.

4. Dye your hair a crazy color

5. Do a girls-trip. Just because, Sin City anyone? Take a trip with the gals now before kids and husbands and other life complications make it more difficult to get together.

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6. Sing Karaoke

7. Pay off your credit cards

Entering your 30s debt-free will alleviate so much stress from your life; work on paying off your credit cards now.

8. Buy something totally frivolous, ridiculously expensive and utterly fabulous

9. Fall in love

10. Crash a party

If anything, you’ll have a great story to tell your grandkids.

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