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Sherri Shepherd found herself in hot water after an interview with Fusion host Alicia Menendez, where she opened out about her Christian faith and beliefs on homosexualiy. The one-on-one conversation went viral this week and many viewers said her comments were anti-gay and offensive. To subdue the uproar, the talk show co-host took a moment to address the situation on “The View” Tuesday.

“Working on a talk show that’s centered in the opinion business, there’s been several things that I’ve shared in the press that have upset people, and typically I don’t respond to the criticism,” Shepherd said. “However, I’d like to say I’m truly sorry to anyone I’ve offended with the viewpoints I expressed on “Alicia Menendez Tonight” on the Fusion network.”

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She went on to say her interview was “misrepresented.”

“Only a portion of my comments were used as a headline to give the impression that I was condemning members of the LGBT community living in their own truth. In the interview, I express I was raised as a child to have a certain set of beliefs, but my beliefs have evolved significantly as my own personal relationship with Christ has increased.”

“I believe that love is the grace of all things and I have no desire to judge anybody by who they are,” she said in conclusion. “I’m a person of compassion and anyone who knows me knows that I love, I accept, I embrace everybody who has love in their hearts. So I love you.”

During the controversial interview, Shepherd shared what she believed was the public’s biggest misconception of her.

“I think people don’t know my heart. I think people feel I’m very judgmental. I think people feel I’m very homophobic. If they knew me, and knew my heart…If you come to me respectfully and ask me about my beliefs, I’ll talk to you about anything,” she said. “You grow up being a Christian and you have grown up believing homosexuality is a sin, you’re going to hell if you’re a homosexual. This is something that I grew up believing. I always tell people, ‘I may not agree with your lifestyle, but I love you. You may not agree with my lifestyle, but you love me.'”

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She added, “Some people say it’s a choice. I don’t say it’s a choice. If you tell me, ‘Sherri, I was born gay.’ OK. I’m not gonna argue with you, because I can’t tell you how you feel and what’s going on inside. I’m trying to make it to heaven by the skin of my teeth…So if you tell me you’re born [gay], I’m not gonna argue with you. And I absolutely respect you for that. I just ask that people respect how I feel, respect how you feel and we can have a great dialogue.”

Do you think Sherri’s comments were homophobic? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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