Dear Mr./Ms. Think Piece,

Hi, its me Shenequa. We’ve met a few times. You may remember me from that piece I wrote when Beyonce’s new sultry image was under attack, or the time racist Halloween costumes appeared all over the Internet. If you don’t remember, no worries. It’s hard to keep track, you’re such a hot commodity these days. When Jay refers to Tina Turner’s birth name, you’re there. When Miley Cyrus decides to mock Black culture, you’re there.

Well, I just wanted to write you this letter to suggest, and I mean this with all due respect,  maybe you should take some time off or go on vacation because it seems like you’re everywhere. I know it sounds like I’m uninviting you to a party, but seriously, you’re overexposed.  There’s always someone throwing nouns and verbs on a Microsoft Word document about some world-rocking event (and even the mundane ones) taking place and labeling it with your name.

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Don’t get me wrong, with foolishness at an all time high, I understand why you feel the need to combat all the idiots of the world. From an intellectual and moral stand point, if you don’t show them you’re here and that you won’t stand for their antics, they’ll run rampant. Speaking out against the Russian socialite captured sitting on Black woman in bondage mannequin chair, absolutely worth a few pieces.

But maybe Mr./Ms. Think Piece you shouldn’t react to every single occurrence. Maybe you should let your silence speak louder than any post or Tweet ever could. Lions don’t worry themselves with the actions of sheep, and we all know that you, Mr./Ms. Think Piece, are far superior than any idiotic action, so why even dignify their actions with a response?

And at times, you can come across a bit judgmental. So what Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union play two successful women who happen to have less-than-stellar romantic lives. Surprise, surprise, there are women of color who fit that same single gal role, as well as happily married women of color who are also successful. No need to bash Kerry and Gabby in 1500 words. And let’s not forget, it’s just entertainment!

I know I might sound a bit hypercritical. I am the thinkiest of thinkers. I spend more time in my head than I do anywhere else, but give us an opportunity to miss you Mr. Think Piece…to crave you, to lust for your well thought out dissertations, fresh new perspectives and different angles on day-old topics at the end of the news cycle. Instead you’re on this grand world tour and while you still have screaming fans that can’t get enough, a lot of your fans who sat in the nosebleeds are already on their ways to the parking lot.

Listen, I’m not trying to rain on your parade. You’re a thinker and thinkers are gon’ think. You had an awesome 2013 and your 2014 is in high gear with all this Richard Sherman talk. But seriously, take some time off. Reflect, rejuvenate and revitalize. No one’s telling you to retire, but you need to chill…for now at least.

With all due respect,


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