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Going on vacation together is always a mini milestone for a couple. But while you’re thinking about moonlit beach walks, he’s wondering about whether he can handle the round-the-clock togetherness.

Since he’ll be sizing you up even on your downtime, follow these four rules to guarantee smooth sailing…and a return trip.

1. Pack Lightly.  Men don’t want to date women with baggage…especially when they have to lug it. Also, when you pack six bags for a four-day trip, guys wonder if every outing will be a major undertaking. From a guy’s perspective, a woman who packs lightly translates to being less high maintenance.

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2. Be Yourself and Let It All Hang Out.  Somehow, strange little quirks seem more endearing when they’re unveiled on vacation. So by all means, hang your good-luck horseshoe on the bungalow door. He’ll love this about you. Why? When a man asks you to go away with him, he expects to get the real you, not the sanitized version. Your willingness to show your true colors proves that you have nothing to hide.

(From cosmopolitan.com)

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