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This season of “Love & Hip Hop” NY is nearing an end and we’re still scratching our heads trying to make sense out of the many love triangles we were introduced to this merry-go-round. Last night was no different…

Peter Gunz Chooses Amina Buddafly

Last time we caught up with Peter Gunz, Amina and Tara, the sh*t hit the fan and Peter’s precious Buddafly Amina was informed of her “husbands” infidelities that included sleeping with Tara Wallace (his baby’s mother who he was living with for years while dating Amina). Tara told Peter, from the bottom of her heart, that she is moving on and physically moving away from him. Peter attempted to string Tara along but after she stuck by her word, he decided to choose Amina.

Amina didn’t forgive Peter immediately, so he had to go to drastic measures to win her heart back. Cue PowerPoint presentation. Peter surprised his songstress wife with a slideshow of their photos on a building while they met up for lunch. Mrs. Pankey fell for it and fell into her man’s arms.

Erica Mena Chooses Cyn…Kinda

Erica Mena was so excited about the “Dancing All Over The World” track ex-boyfriend Rich Dollaz gave her that she tongued him while enjoying the warmth from his lap, completely forgetting that she has a “girlfriend” Cyn who was hesitant about Erica and Rich’s partnership in the first place. Well, Erica had to come clean about  her cheating because she invited Cyn to the studio for a session with her and Rich who would be arriving shortly (as in “short,” we mean right after she broke the news to Cyn).

Cyn confronted Rich who scolded both of the ladies because…well, they were in his studio, on his time and on his Dollaz. Rich informed Cyn what we’ve all known, that he “loaned” her Erica for ratings…(just playing, unless you think so too). After their blowout, Cyn stormed out and Erica chased after her the way she wished Rich would have.

The truth is, Erica propositioned Rich on the last episode, asking him to man up so they could be together. If he would have said the right words, Cyn would be history. Girl Bye.

Tahiry & Joe Budden Rekindle Their Romance Or Nah?

On-again-off-again lovers Tahiry and Joe Budden had a heart-to-heart moment over drinks and made it clear that they are just meant to be together. “I will always love you,” Tahiry admitted. Meanwhile Tahiry was celebrating her latest business venture, a night lounge in Harlem on 135th.

A preview of next week’s final episode alludes to Joey popping the question to Tahiry, who we think may actually say “No.” After all, if they are engaged, they’ve kept it very secret (which isn’t unheard of). Either way, their and everyone’s love triangle plays right into last night’s theme that “Love Is A Battlefield.”

What did you guys think of last night’s episode and what would you do in Tahiry’s shoes?

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