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Letitia “Tish” James was sworn-in as the New York City’s first woman of color to be elected to citywide office! I’m sure we were all watching Bill deBlasio being sworn in as NYC’s mayor and swooning over his biracial family, but Letitia James became the city’s Public Advocate! Her speech was nothing short of amazing as she criticized the growing wealth gap in the city.

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“The fabric of our city–of our nation–is made strong by the untold sacrifices of so many, who are left defenseless, unrepresented, unspoken for; but at some point in history, the tide must turn. The policies that makes them voiceless much give way to a government that works for them, that speaks for them, that cares more about a child going hungry, than a new stadium or a new tax credit for a luxury development. To live up to that challenge and to be morally centered in our decisions is the task for us who see ourselves as the progressive wings of our city,” Public Advocate James passionately stated during her acceptance speech.

Public Advocate James is replacing Mayor deBlasio, so who knows, maybe there’s a mayoral position in her future?! With the way she’s showing that she cares about the people, we see nothing but amazing moves coming from her! Congrats!

Check out Letitia’s impassioned speech:

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