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Denise Vasi has two key pieces of advice for single ladies looking for Mr. Right: Be open and calm down.

The “Single Ladies” star, who married Anthony Mendler last year, told TheYBF.com that she sees a lot of her uber-elligible single girlfriends making the same mistake.

“I have a few friends who have great jobs, great personalities but can’t seem to find a good guy,” she said, highlighting a common conundrum. “I think that a lot of it has to do with your surroundings, and you have to be open to explore different things.  Like other races and just in general.”

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In Denise’s opinion, it’s very easy for people to close themselves off to difference possibilities because its easier to keep searching through the familiar than exploring the unknown. “People are really comfortable with what they know,” she mused. “You continuously hang in the same crew, you have met everyone in that crew and the friends of the friends in that crew, so it is now time to step outside your comfort zone.”

Aside from that, she echoed the well-known advice that to find love you have to stop looking for it. She said, “I also think that things happen when you least expect them… when you don’t want to be married everyone asks you to marry them!”

Conventional wisdom dictates that men like a challenge, so women that are obviously husband hunting aren’t as appealing. Instead, Denise suggests that women model their mentality after another famous fictional single lady, who found lasting love (even if only for a few years).

“Guys don’t like pressure and so many women are desperate to get married. That just makes them run. Sometimes you have to have a Samantha (from ‘Sex And The City’) mindset,” Denise said. “Also, you need to learn from your past experiences, so you can be better for your next relationship.”

See if Denise’s character on “Single Ladies” takes any of that advice to heart when the show returns tonight at 9 p.m. on VH1.

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