4. You’re being profiled

Dozens of airports around the country use SPOT (screening passengers by observation techniques) in their security check points. TSA agents are trained to profile us by studying our facial ticks, body language and voices. If your vocal pitch changes, it can be seen as a sign of deceit or stress, same goes for changes in your face or body. Any passenger deemed to be displaying odd behavior will be pulled aside for more screening.

5. Pick the right line

At over 50 airports in the U.S., TSA lines are divided into categories like “Expert, Casual and Family/Medical Assistance” to help travelers move along based on the amount of assistance that is needed. Choose wisely and get ahead!

6. Wear your shoes

Kid’s aged 12 and under and adults over 75 are exempt of having to take off their shoes when going through security. They can also leave on light jackets. Lucky them.

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