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Beyonce took to her Instagram to ignite a #AskBeyonce hashtag. Celebrities seem to want to know what we want to know these days. First R. Kelly (which went horribly wrong) and now Beyonce.

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There’s so many questions to ask Beyonce, I don’t even know where to start myself. But I have a few…

1. On “Drunk In Love,” you sing, “I’ve been drinking…watermelon.” Girl, what that mean?! You’re drinking out of the watermelon?

2. What is a “surfboardt?”

3. (This one is a 3-parter) Who the heck is Yonce? Why is she so nasty? And did she kill Sasha Fierce?

4. In “Partition,” you say Jay Z called you “Peaches” when he gets nasty. How much nastier is Peaches than ‘Yonce?

5. What exactly is your workout regimen?

6. How did you make a simple swing move look so death-defying?

7. How does it feel to have the entire world following your every move?

What did you #AskBeyonce?

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