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Acclaimed Egyptian-Sudanese-American writer Kola Boof, has launched a V-log on YouTube and the second installment tackles colorism, racism and self-hatred in the Black community.

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Reading a letter from a follower who finds it unforgivable that she would marry a White man when she speaks so passionately about Black love and empowerment, Boof holds no punches when she delves into the ways that Black men have abandoned dark-skinned Black women such as herself. Explaining that dark skin almost makes it impossibly to be judged by the “content of your character” in the United States, Boof also takes it all the way back to the Black Panther Party, and suggests that colorism is the reason that Kathleen Cleaver and Angela Davis became the faces of women in the BPP.

Touching on how “good hair” and light skin is prioritized in the Black community, Boof charges that Black people, men in particular, embrace the one-drop rule because then they can pretend that they are worshiping Blackness; when in fact, they have been brainwashed by White supremacy and fallen victim to self-hatred.

“Black women didn’t give up on Black men; Black men gave up on us,” Boof says looking intently into the camera. “….You know the Black man can’t stand his own nappy hair, he has to run his fingers through something that is totally alien to him.

“They don’t see [authentically Black women] as the mother of their race, which is what they should see, if nothing else…they should look at [authentically Black women] as the beginning, the person who brought them back into the world. But no, I’m a bitch and a ho, or a gutter rat or hood rat, whatever they call [us]. These are the kinds of names that they reserve for their Black mother, and her womb and her image, while they’re out here working over-time to put the White man’s mother on a pedestal.”

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