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Seventeen-year-old Jacob Latimore has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Not only is he fresh off the release of his latest mix tape, “This Is Me Vol. 2”, but he also just released the highly anticipated holiday film, “Black Nativity,” a contemporary adaptation of Langston Hughes’ celebrated play, which Latimore stars in alongside award-winning actors like Angela Basset, Jennifer Hudson and Forrest Whitaker.

After the big premiere of the film  at the Apollo Theater in Harlem last week, the up-and-coming entertainer hosted a special listening session for his new mixtape, just for his fans. While dozens of teenaged girls came together to swoon over the young superstar, #TeamBeautiful got a chance to chat with Jacob about his musical project, his role in “Black Nativity” and how it was working alongside legendary actors.

Check out our interview below.

HelloBeautiful: Let’s talk about your movie, “Black Nativity”. You’ve been filming all year so tell us a little bit about your role in the film.

Jacob Latimore: “Black Nativity” comes out this week on November 27th and I’m so excited! We’ve done maybe about three screenings and we had the big premiere in Harlem at the Apollo Theater which is around the same place where we filmed so it was kind of cool to be back here where it all began. My character is Langston, sixteen- years-old, and from Baltimore. He lives with a single mom and is forced to move with his grandparents who he’s never met before and he’s just curious to know who his family is and what happened in the past for them to not have a relationship. [He’s] like, why don’t I know you guys? He doesn’t want to miss out on that opportunity [to get to know them].

His family comes together through the spirit of forgiveness and faith and we sort of witness a redemption of Langston which is amazing. He goes from being this kid who is making poor decisions to a mindset where he’s like ‘I want to be redeemed. I want my family to be back together. It’s time to forgive and time to come home,’ and that’s just incredible to watch.

HB: What was it like working with such an amazing all-star cast?

JL: It was incredible! I’m still in shock that I can go up to Forrest Whitaker and just giving him a hug — that’s so cool! I think about that all the time. And that’s with everybody; me and Tyrese probably got the closest on set. And Luke James,  Grace Gibson as well. Lynn Witfield’s daughter – she played an amazing role. It’s so many people that’s not on the poster of “Black Nativity”. I could go on and on. It’s just amazing

HB: Why should we go see “Black Nativity” this holiday season?

JL: You should go see the movie because it’s relatable. It’s about a broken family and I hope it would encourage people to go out there and make those relationships possible with your father or your mother or even with your best friend because family and friends are the only things you really have in this world. So make those relationships possible before it’s too late. Things are happening all across the world and it’s time to forgive and its time to bring goodness into those relationships, especially around the holidays.

HB: Tell us a little bit about your mix tape “This is Me Vol. 2”. Where did you draw your inspiration?

JL: I really just wanted to keep giving content out to my fans. I’ve been filming this whole year so I wanted to keep some relatable music out and something for them to listen to until I have an official single.

HB: So how did you find the time to put this mix tape together since you’ve been filming all year?

JL: I actually worked with some in-house writers and producers that I’ve been working with since I was 9 years old. I just got them together and they sent a few songs and demos. I had some input on some of the songs and it just came together. I didn’t want it to be a long 20-song mix tape. Just 9 songs. And you can go get it now:, “This is Me Vol. 2”.

HB: What is your favorite song off the mix tape and why?

JL: My favorite song would be “What Are You Waiting For.”  I just feel like it showcases my vocals in a way that my fans have never really heard me and I’ve never really heard myself. Recording I was just sort of testing out what I could do and it turned out good

HB: Some of your songs are about love and relationships. What would you say is a song that you could mostly relate to from your own personal experiences?

JL: Number two, “Switch It Up,” wrote by some in-house guys back home (Sauce Boys). This was the first song I ever recorded on the mix tape and “Switch It Up” is just about how your girl will approach you during an argument or whatever she has that she feels like she wants to ask you a question about and she approaches it in the wrong way and I’m explaining to her that you can talk to me about it and you don’t have to yell and go crazy on me and assume I did something. So its called “Switch It Up” to kind of switch up your approach. I think that’s the most relatable song and the most relatable thing I’ve seen in other relationships.

HB: Speaking of relationships, are you dating anybody? We know you’re a teenager but what’s going with your relationship life?

JL: I don’t have a girlfriend or anything like that. I have friends you know? And that’s it. Period

HB: What type of girl does Jacob Latimore like?

JL: I love a girl who is herself, has a great smile, great personality, and is down to earth and someone who wants me for me. A lot of times its hard to date a girl because they’re a fan of you, not saying I can’t date fans, but sometimes they might have an ulterior motive which is being in the spotlight or not really wanting to date me but date my environment or how I carry myself or my career.

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