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The United States Senate decided to utilize the “nuclear option” on Thursday, eliminating filibusters for most presidential nominations. And on Friday, Rush Limbaugh, being the bigot and sexist pig that he is, compared it to rape.

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“Forget the Senate for a minute,” he said on his ridiculous radio show. “Let’s say, let’s take ten people in a room and they’re a group. And the room is made up of six men and four women. Right? The group has a rule that the men cannot rape the women. The group also has a rule that says any rule that will be changed must require six votes of the 10 to change the rule.”

“…every now and then some lunatic in the group proposes to change the rule to allow women to be raped. But they never were able to get six votes for it. There were always the four women voting against it and there was, you know, two guys.”

“Well, the guy that kept proposing that women be raped finally got tired of it,” Limbaugh told his listeners. “He was in the majority and he said, you know what, we’re going to change the rule. Now all we need is five. And the women said, ‘you can’t do that.’ ‘Yes we are, we’re the majority, we’re changing the rule.’ And then they vote. Can the women be raped?”

All it would take at that point, Limbaugh said, “is half the room. You can change the rule to say three. You can change the rule to say three people want it, it’s gonna happen.”

Ana Marie Cox, political columnist for The Guardian was one of many enraged women who weighed in on the issue, tweeting:

I’ve made my feelings about Rush Limbaugh pretty clear, but it’s worth repeating that his perpetuation of rape culture is disgusting on so many levels.

Nothing is like rape, but rape. And to suggest otherwise is intellectually lazy and morally bankrupt.

But this is Rush Limbaugh we’re talking about, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

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