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Kanye West wants us to believe that his new video “Bound 2” is artistic and that should be a given because everything he does is profound but we’re still waiting on someone to tell Ye’ that just because it’s different, doesn’t make it genius. Seriously, we’ve reached our wits end with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, “Kimye” or whatever they’re calling themselves now-a-days.

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Kim Kardashian, topless while she rides Kanye West through a computer generated Grand Canyon is supposed to be art? Get the f**k outta here!

Mr. West brought “Bound 2” to “Ellen” because she is the token White daytime hostess all the cool kids are flocking to these days (no disrespect, we love Ellen) where he debuted the visuals to the “Yeezus” track. Before you have time to digest the Illuminati-white horses charging towards you as they gallop through wild waters, you are greeted by Kim Kardashian’s annoyingly-gorgeous face and she looks pretty stupid, like all the way stupid. Then she appears on top of Kanye as they ride a motorcycle, bouncing in fake winds and she looks more stupid.

We’ve seen Kim in this position before, lying back with a man in between her legs, but apparently Kanye wants us to see her with him in the same way so we know that their union is real because her having his baby and him proposing wasn’t enough.

Kanye is all on this “Like Kim Kardashian” campaign but we don’t even like him anymore.  We’re no longer here for “Kimye.” Good bye.

Check out the video if you dare:

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