And if it’s messy lately that means Quinn is somewhere nearby. Baby Huck is now not only target practicing with the enemy but she’s sleeping with him. Last week former nice girl Lindsay Dwyer now badass Quinn decided she was going to take matters into her own hands by agreeing to take Huck’s arch nemesis’ shooting advice. Lo and behold there are ulterior motives. While we all think he’s just there to spy on her and take his intel to Command, the truth is he’s a part of the B613 recruiting crew and Quinn is the number one draft pick. As she decides to hide in the bushes spying on his PI job she is made, subsequently kissed and asked out on a date by the killer. On their date he lures her by giving her the opportunity to drug someone, to which she replies, yes. As per usual she took eight steps in the wrong direction, ends up doing far more than drugging the security guard — she kills him. Little does she know that this test is her initiation into the baddest spy gig in the land and our Baby Spy has made it to the big leagues.

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