Well Hellluur there! It’s that time of year again, the holidays are here! Families will soon be gathering to celebrate and exchange presents! Everyone has a boisterous relative – an outspoken character, often a favorite Auntie, who mispronounces words, and lives for a laugh. Maybe she’s the God-fearing matriarch, or the sailor mouthed friend of the family who’s known you since you were born. Everyone has that one Auntie – but there’s no one quite like Madea.

In the spirit of the holidays and as a tribute to all the Madeas of the world, we’ve compiled a list of special gifts we might receive from that Auntie if that Auntie was Madea. Relive the classic 12 days of Christmas but with a twist – check out some gifts we might find under our tree if Madea was doing the Christmas shopping. And don’t forget to see A Madea Christmas in theaters December 13th!

12 Days Of Christmas According To Madea
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