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In a decision that surprised many women, including #TeamBeautiful, Kim Kardashian decided to take her future husband Kanye West‘s last name and keep her family name as her middle, making her Kim Kardashian West. While we were certain that nothing and no one could come between Kim and her Kardashian brand, apparently, love is the entity to do so.

“I’m definitely gonna have Kim, probably Kardashian as my middle name, and then West,” she admitted to Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show.” “But my daughter has the last name West and we’re a family, so I want it to definitely be West.”

We polled 20 women on Facebook about her choice and their decision to take their husband’s last name (the answers may shock you):

“People change. Maybe she’s had a revelation and wants to do things differently now. I’m not a Kanye fan, but I am happy for them as a couple. He’s been good for her so far, from what it seems. I personally believe a woman should take on her husbands last name and build a legacy with him. It’s one of those traditions that has value and shows respect, commitment and loyalty to the man you love!” -DeLauren Everett

“She’s doing it now because she loves him with all of her heart… It’s evident that she didn’t love her last husband like she loves Kanye. Simple.” -Karen Ward

“Why is a big deal if she wants to be traditional! That’s normally what most women do when they get married, I feel it’s disrespectful not to.” -Vonquaetta Hatcher

“Or is she simply taking his name because that’s typically what the woman does when she gets married? Hyphenated last names and men taking the woman’s last name is relatively new and pretty much got publicity from the stars and media. Hopefully she’s doing it for traditional reasons and not for attention.” -Sophia Davis

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“Perhaps she did it because she wants her and her child to have the same last name. Thus Mom, Dad, and child have the same last name. She kept her name during previous marriages, but now she has a child and maybe a change of heart regarding keeping her name.” -Happy Breezy

“Hyphenated as you can see. My father passed away when I was 9, so in my mind its the only thing I have left of him.” -Jody A. Forbes-Sheppard

“I did the hyphen because my oldest daughter has my maiden name and I wanted her to feel a part of the family.” -Felica Yolanda Cotton-Brake

“I wanted to take my ex-boyfriend’s last name but then it would be Kanny Bright Green. So we were like nope. I’m cool just being Kanny Bright for now. Congrats.” -Kanny Bright

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“When we first married, for professional reasons, I hyphenated. After Hurricane Katrina, and our “exodus” to Texas, I changed everything to his last name. We were a team! Bump the professionalism!” -Dellia Smith-Baham

“I kept my maiden name. I feel like my name identifies me. I’ve been Helen Aitcheson all my life. Who decided that the woman should give up her name and take the man’s name? If anything, kids should take their mothers’ name. She is the one who carries the child for nine months then endures labor. A child usually remains with the mom if the marriage breaks up. Why should she end up having a different name from her kids who live with her after the man moved on? It all seems very sexist and unfair to me.” -Helen Aitcheson

“I was told hyphenating your name means your are not fully ready to let go of your past and as far as the children carrying his name it is much easier for a mother to establish paternity than a father in the event something happens I took my husbands last name.” -Shaleemha Forevamissinnysis Hamlin

“I kept my maiden name. The ring and a marriage license said that I was married. I wanted to keep my identity. It does not bother me that my last name is different from my daughters because I know who I am , a strong, independent woman. I ended up being mother and father anyway. Besides, I’m glad I kept my own last name because I am now 7 years divorced.” -Candace R. Beater

“I kept my maiden name because my daddy passed away and he had no sons. I don’t hyphenate my last name it’s just my maiden and married name. Love you Daddy !!” -Cris Cardwell

“I took his last name completely. That’s what I was excited about the most since we were 12 and 15-years-old was one day sharing his name & his love with our own family. 25 yrs later & married 11 of those :*) I still wear it proudly♥” -Missie Theeventplanner Gardner

“I took on my husband last name(tradition), but I wanted to hyphen my maiden name with his. I’m the only child between my father and mother. Even though my mother have other children.” -Addie Miles

“That’s big of Kim. Most celebrities keep the name they’re known by. I get that decision business wise but, always felt it was a little disrespectful to the husband.” -Shakyma Ravenell

“Couples should do what they feel is best for them. Others with their outdated opinions should just mind their business. Married people have enough pressure than to conform to what people outside of the union think of them.” -Marjorie Brown

“It’s a matter if preference. I considered keeping my maiden name professionally and using my married name otherwise. My husband was offended by that so I just dropped my last name and took his. I considered hyphenating or using my maiden as my middle but I REALLY like my middle name so that settled that. I have girlfriends with doctoral degrees that have hyphenated because of their accomplishments before the marriage. To each his own.” Giovanna Morrison

“I took my husband’s full last name because I am FULLY IN my marriage. Why go into a marriage fearing I may have to drop his last name and hyphenating. If I fear I might divorce why marry in the first place because signs of problems are always there in the beginning (we may just choose to ignore). I think it is an insult to marriage to keep your old last name. It says I partially commit. I come from a large family and we have very few divorces. I am not saying we are special or don’t have marital issues but somehow by the grace of God there are very few divorces in my large family. ALL of the women in my family changed their names to their husbands name with no hyphenation.” -Pamela Carr

“Ladies that don’t want to take their husbands last name are not ready to leave and cleave to their husbands or they are not completely sure about their decision to marry. That’s the bottom line. Kudos to Kim for growing up and cleaving to her husband!” -Anthea Craig

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