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So, honorary Gladiators, what did you think about the latest episode of “Scandal?”

Last night’s show wasn’t as intense as the last few, but I guess Shonda Rhimes decided to let our hearts rest a little bit this week. After all, I can’t have my blood pressure that high every Thursday evening! Now that Olivia Pope was fresh out of a ‘Scandal’ herself, the folks over at Pope & Associates were experiencing a big decline in business. The Gladiators were broke and in desperate need of a new clients. Lucky for them, a sexting addict senator found himself in the middle of a cheating scandal which ended with the murder of one of his mistresses. When the Senator and his wife approached Olivia, they were optimistic about winning the case. Yes, he was a cheating husband but in no way was he a murderer. They trusted that Olivia would swoop down in her white hat and save the day, as she’s done in the past.

Meanwhile, Huck was still trying to recover from the mind control Eli Pope had him under when he forced him to kill what he thought was an innocent man on last week’s episode. But the real tea was that the man Eli Pope had Huck murder wasn’t just a random, but actually had ties to the government and more specifically, President Grant.  Scandalous!

In case you weren’t taking notes or following our #ScandalParty on Twitter (@HelloBeautiful), here are a few things to remember for next week’s episode.

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