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Kenya’s Music Show

After that odd dinner meeting with Monet, the girls got together to drink and chit chat. Tami revealed that she’s heard from their past enemy, Kenya Bell, who invited them all to her music show. Tami told them that Kenya was a new woman and turned over a new leaf. She was willing to forgive and forget and start over and thought everyone else should too. Little Tami a.k.a the new Suzie thought otherwise, “I think that is BULL. S**T! She is fu**ing nuts!” Wow, Suzie. Tell us how you really feel!

Tami revealed that Kenya’s new song was called, “Hate Me,” and Tami figured that the song was about someone in the circle, but who!? This is about to get good!

Finally, it was the day of Kenya’s show. All of the girls were excited to find out who the song was possibly about, especially Suzie who planned to throw tomatoes at Kenya if she even hinted that the song was about her. Side note, I’m loving this new Suzie! Where has she been all this time?

When Kenya touched the stage, she started her performance with her middle finger in the air. The look of disgust on the girls’ faces was priceless and pretty much summed up the whole night. After the show, Suzie confronted Kenya and asked who the song was about. Kenya ignored the question and wouldn’t give her a straight answer but Tami thought otherwise. She KNEW the song was about someone in the circle and suggested that they all meet up later to talk about it. Sounds like a recipe for disaster if you as me!

UP NEXT: Fight! Kenya Vs. Little Tami/The New Suzie 

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