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Auburn University crowned their 100th homecoming, 22-year-old woman with a story so beautiful, you can’t help but share the news. Molly Ann Dutton’s biological mother was sexually assaulted and ended up getting pregnant. Molly’s mother was married at the time and her husband forced her to either abort the baby or face a divorce. Molly’s mother chose to leave her California home to relocate to Alabama to carry her baby full term and give her up for adoption with the help of Lifeline’s Children Services.

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Molly is now a college student who shares the story of how she arrived in this world as a product of adoption because of the resources offered to her mother. “I was given grace to carry that story,” she said.“My story is a voice for the voiceless.”

Molly hopes to raise awareness and provide information about options available to women during “crisis pregnancies” with a campaign she created called “Light Up LIFE.” Molly uses YouTube videos and campus speeches to spread the word and sells t-shirts on campus raise money for Lifeline’s Children Services.

God bless women like Molly’s mother who have the courage to carry a pregnancy full term when they have been sexually assaulted. I don’t know if I would have the strength to do that, but Molly’s story makes me rethink that choice. Who knows what a child could grow up to be if given the chance to live.

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